Wuhan Water Park Party Draws Thousands

Coronavirus is now the #3 killer in the United States, while Wuhan is having pool parties. At the former COVID-19 epicenter, thousands of Wuhan revelers crammed at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park in June. What’s more, is they disregarded social distancing rules.

Mask free and packed shoulder to shoulder, Chinese partygoers were offered free entries to boost their local economy. News of this comes to us after the country lifted its 76-day lockdown. The water park operated at 50 percent of normal capacity.

Now, here’s everything that went down:

  • A performer sang on stage with a DJ
  • A performer with a water jet board hovered over the audience while shooting sparks from his back
  • Some in the crowd wore life jackets, but everyone remained mask free
  • Icebreaker games that included hammers, ice blocks, and watermelon balloons took place
  • Partygoers huddled in lines rather than spreading out

Not sure what to make of this? Neither do we, but it appears China has gotten the coronavirus outbreak under control. Through a series of lockdowns and restrictions, we can see why the provincial government is eager to get their lives back and running.

However, recent reports indicate a new spike of infections in Xinjiang and Dalian. Both regions are allegedly using draconian measures to fight the second wave. Wuhan has been dealing with COVID-19 since late last year and lifted its lockdown in April. With no new domestically transmitted cases officially reported since mid-May, it seemed like an opportunity to rebuild.

Nevertheless, China honed in its domestic epidemic with the exception of a few sporadic outbreaks for summer. How does this influence the way our country is going to look after all this? That remains unknown, but we hope that the end is in sight.