Whethan And Louis The Child To Face Off In Beat Battle

Whethan and Louis the Child battle

As the quarantine continues, DJs find more and more creative ways to bring new music to us. This time, Chicago based DJs Louis The Child and Whethan will try something new. The duo will be facing Whethan in an epic beats battle. While we still don’t fully know what this means, one thing we’re sure off is that, this will be an amazing battle.

The three have been friends for a while. Now, it is time for them to battle it off. The Louis the Child vs Whethan beat battle will bring nothing but unreleased new music, and we’re here for it! It all started, after LTC publicly challenged Whethan to battle it out on instagram live

Whethan’s response?

I’m dying to find out what will this battle bring to the table. Is it like a b2b? Are the djs supposed to play one track after another and see who’s got the most fire tracks? I just can’t wait to find out! And, as Whethan said:

Both Whethan & LTC have new albums incoming. They both dominate their genre and style. And they both know the other. What comes out of this can be nothing but a perfect mixtape filled with some of the best future bass tracks of the moment.

Also, who knows? Maybe after this we’ll see more and more DJs fighting it off through beat battles. Tchami vs Malaa? Tiësto vs Armin? Carnage vs Ghastly? One thing’s for sure. This idea sounds fresh, funny, and super entertaining on a period of time where both fans and artists are looking for a way to blow some steam off.

So, prepare yourselves, at 7 pm, the Louis The Child-Whethan beat battle is on! Get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEE!

LTC Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louisthechild/

Whethan Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whethan/