When Can I Travel To Amsterdam? When You Are Responsible

When can you travel to the Netherlands? The answer is: when you are responsible. Recently, international travel did not seem likely possible until 2021. That is when COVID-19 calms down and there is a vaccine or cure. Since quarantine began, travel shut down not for the sake of transmission, but for the sake of containment.

As a response, Amsterdam stated that they will be reopening their borders next week to most travellers within the EU. However, they only want ‘responsible’ tourists. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, museums, and music venues will be open. To welcome international tourists again, this means certain social distancing rules.

So, Here’s The Tea

Starting June 15, visitors from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and Italy are allowed. Visitors must show valid reservation when they arrive. No pre-booked accommodation means you are subject to being turned away. Everyone must stay 1.5 meters away from each other and wear masks on public transport.

Music venues can host up to 100 people, while cinemas can seat no more than 30. After July 1st, that may increase to 100. The city is trying to figure out how to restart tourism in a more sustainable and responsible way. The brothels and cannabis-peddling coffee shops attract party tourists, and therefore drive away attention from locals.

The government might plan to force brothels out of the old town, which may anger the owners. But they are trying to combat over-tourism from rowdy crowds. Overall, the country is open for business, with just a few stipulations.

We do not know what the rest of international travel looks like, but so far, little bits of reopening seems positive. We know the significant loss in income for each country is huge. There is no telling what the future will hold, but let’s take it day by day and month by month.