[WATCH] You Can't Dance In Ibiza Anymore

VICE is getting deep in the conversation between the clubbing scene in Ibiza and COVID-19. We already know how heavily its impact is on the industry. In this video that aired last Monday, we look into Ibiza’s uncertain future with the ongoing pandemic.

Right now, dancing has been outlawed on the Spanish island. As home to some of the largest and most infamous clubs on the planet, this doesn’t bode well. Even more, the cavernous venues cannot open this year, with no certainty of when they will open next year. Since this video has come out, tighter restrictions have been put into place.

Seth Troxler makes an appearance in the video and adds his two cents. The island is certainly known for many things: a beautiful place to visit, a place centered around tourism, and also its clubbing scene. While it is not the birthplace of the underground sound, many artists have flocked there and made it their home.

More often than not, we hear about this place and daydream about the day we get to tell Avicii we were cool while there. This is a place that reveled in dance parties nightly. They offer family-centered tourism and a luxurious travel spot. You can’t dance there anymore, but before rolling your eyes at this first world problem, know that the pandemic affects multiple areas.

It’s not just the electronic dance scene tanking, it’s the appeal of international travel. And that is what Ibiza is taking a hit on–the feedback loop of economics affected by a global pandemic. Who knows what is safe, where is safe, and when things will be safe. Other countries are taking the risk, and we will wait to find out how their experiments turn out.

2020 is just not the year, and we wonder what 2021 will be like.