RÜFÜS DU SOL‘s live set from Coachella 2019 on the Outdoor Amphitheater is out now. They performed on April 12, and we know that everyone is getting the feels from the Coachella documentary right now.

We all wish we could begin our festival season but unfortunately, this COVID-19 quarantine persists. I can only hope that this video gives you some sort of emotional relief. Coachella will resume this October 9th-18th and we can all rejoice.

Each time the Australian group performs, they take their audience to ever uplifting heights. With their hit singles like ‘Underwater‘, ‘No Place‘, ‘Like An Animal‘, and ‘Innerbloom‘, there is never a dry eye in the house.

From each individual instrument being played to the song being sung, the trio performs breathtakingly every time. Fans sing along (some with eyes closed) and lights flash along their LED panels on stage. Every moment becomes a memory and every set becomes an additional one. Where were you the first time you saw them? Now, where were you when you saw this set?

Every touring destination of theirs garners so much support from their loyal fanbase. They recently played CRSSD San Diego and brought renditions to their music that capped the weekend perfectly.

“It was ridiculous. Easily our favorite show we’ve ever played. It’s rare that happens, where we all unanimously agree, walking off the stage and going ‘That was magical!’” – Tyrone, RÜFÜS vocalist

We wish nothing but the best for the band’s success this year and hope they return to touring along with the rest of our world soon. Music has become such an important aspect of our culture. To see it taking such a huge hit is devastating, to say the least.

Therefore, as we continue to wait for this social isolation to end, let’s support each other and our artists.

Watch their video below now and let it get you through until October!