[WATCH] HI-LO’s Ultra Europe Set, Now Live

Watch the latest Techno-infused work of Oliver Heldens‘ alter-ego.

As the weekend slowly appears behind the horizon, people are wondering what they could relax to after a long day of work. Well, let me hand this one over to you: were you in Croatia last weekend? Me neither. Luckily, sets from the latest Ultra weekend are starting to appear.

On that note, there’s a beautiful set from Oliver Heldens’ very own HI-LO project, one played at Ultra Europe last week.

Just out of the oven, the 2-hour-long mix features a load of HI-LO tracks, originals, collabs, unreleased material… everything. Check it down below! Alternatively, click here to travel to YouTube.

[embedded content]

What you’ll find inside

Are you waiting to hear HI-LO stuff? Say no more. You’ll get the chance to listen to ‘PURA VIDA‘, ‘String Theory‘ with Reinier Zonneveld, and tons more, including a couple of unreleased tracks, one of them with Eli Brown. There’s also a handful of others’ productions Oliver played during the set. Namely, T78, Anyma, and Joyhauser, to name a few.

Opinions taken from the comment box of the video go along the lines of: “Was my first set at Ultra Europe, couldn’t ask for a better opening“; “Hi-Lo is the best thing that happened in the world of techno in recent years. So good quality <3 I appreciate the fact that in tracklist there not only Hi-Lo but other artists as well>“; and “So glad to see another HI-LO set in my feed. I missed you so much! Totally in love with it. This dark side of Oliver Heldens is incredible, so interesting to explore… It charges me up and makes me feel much better“.

So, in conclusion, if I were you, I’d jump to the set right away!