[Watch] Hardwell Brings You Behind the Scenes of His Ultra Return

Around one of the most awaited returns this year, Hardwell just released a short video with some behind the scene footage of his Ultra Miami Comeback. Watch bellow.

It was one of the biggest headlines of Ultra Miami 2022. Hardwell is officially back, and with a new sound. In this ‘Road to Ultra Miami’ video, we see him like we love to see any artist, full of excitement, and happy at what he’s doing. Such footage only makes us reassured for Robert who announced his retirement back in 2018 after his DJ and touring life became too overwhelming.

Now, I’m gonna show you who I truly am


The comeback surprise came with another big reveal, Hardwell is going for a brand new musical universe, a mix of Techno and Future Rave with some Trance and Big Room vibes, a genre that Hardwell calls ‘Future Techno‘.

In the video, Hardwell is excited and focused before hitting the stage, but also nervous about how the crowd will welcome this new artistic direction.

Man, I only played unreleased music and didn’t know what to expect…I loved it


In addition, Hardwell announced ‘Rebels Never Die‘ World Tour and album, check out all info here. So, what do you think about this comeback and new genre?