Vini Vici x Reinier Zonneveld Release ‘Distorted Reality’

Two giants have collided for a record we didn’t know we needed.

It is always an interesting moment to know two artists have come together for a track. Even more exciting is to know two large artists are working together. And even more thrilling is when these two come from different sides of the Electronic Music spectrum. And such is the case of today’s collaboration.

Iconic psytrance duo Vini Vici have joined forces with no other than techno titan Reinier Zonneveld, for the release of ‘Distorted Reality‘, a track that is, in itself, a bend of the current sounds and formulas used by the industry.

“This track is a powerful fusion of our sounds and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Working with Reinier was a pleasure and we cannot wait to do it again!”

-Vini Vici.

Distorted Reality

Oozing with energy throughout, ‘Distorted Reality’ is nothing short of spectacular, making really creative use of each of both Vini Vici’s and Zonneveld’s signature elements. A track that sounds as much from both parties as it sounds from none, this banging new single brings a totally new sound to the table in a way that doesn’t feel like adding both artists’ sounds and putting them into a track, but rather, creating a new style which emanates from the three minds thinking together.

The song kicks off with a tense acid beat, adding more elements of both as time goes on. You’ll hear gated vocal beds, fast-paced claps, psytrance elements glittered about, and even more tension when you get to the break. An epic-oriented progression will leave you ready for the action awaiting the next beat drop.

Listen to ‘Distorted Reality’ over on Spotify by following the link below. Alternatively, you can head over to YouTube for a spin by clicking here, or click here to support the single on the platform of your very choice.