Victor Ruiz Drops Four

Victor Ruiz is back at it again, and this time, he’s pulling no punches. In the past, we’ve seen him grace ‘A-Sides Vol.9‘ with his track ‘Intuit, which was a collaboration track with Thomas Schumacher. Prior to this, we saw him release ‘Nimbus/Unveil‘ in 2019. Both of these were on the legendary label Drumcode. Today, Victor Ruiz continues this trend, as he has just released his four-track EP, titled ‘Freedom’, on Drumcode as well. This marks his second EP on the prestigious label, and we think you’re going to love it.

Freedom EP

The ‘Freedom EP‘ starts out quick with the eponymously named track, ‘Freedom’. If you’re into hard hitting techno, I think you’re going to love this one. It features a neat vocal that utters the words:

‘We must never forget that today no matter our life circumstances, we are free to create…’

These words are followed by a subtle build-up, that leads us into the drop. If this doesn’t give you the urge to either get up & create yourself, or to get you dancing, I’m not sure what will. ‘Illusions’ features a “pulsating bassline-led groover that builds alongside mystical vocal effects“, and is the perfect way to follow up ‘Freedom’.

Senses’ on the other hand undoubtedly “exudes an understated touch of Detroit soul” and is the perfect track to play out both peak time, and during a dancefloor comedown.

The final track, ‘Existence’, is an untouchable techno track, that we can imagine hearing out in a sweaty warehouse somewhere. It features various layers of melody and contains swelling pads, that we cannot wait to hear out live.

If you’re into techno and looking for new music, this is an EP that you do not want to miss! Victor Ruiz’s four-track ‘Freedom EP’ is out now on Drumcode and can be streamed below. Enjoy!

Victor Ruiz — Freedom EP | STREAM

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