Vallyre Will Leave You No Chance But To Sing Along Her New Release “Bloodsweat”

New catchy pop release “Bloodsweat” from Boston, Massachusetts-born and based singer-songwriter, pop/dance artist Vallyre will make you have the beat in your mind all day long. As the artist sings, when her “visions come to light and taking shape,” she infects you with her beautiful Amy Winehouse mixed with Alicia Keys kind of voice. Smooth beats, edgy vibes are irresistible, and you better be prepared to mumble “bloodsweat” under your nose all the time, repeatedly. The song is just brilliant. 

Even though the pop genre can sometimes be considered boring and may not leave a lot of room for innovations, Vallyre’s music proves pop can still produce good quality. Her unique taste, bold nature, and creative mind, along with heart-stilling vocals and infectious enthusiasm, make her music undeniably exciting and fresh. 

The artist’s perfect musicality and warm vocals create a fun, easy atmosphere where all you want to do is enjoy the song and sing along. Check “Bloodsweat” by Vallyre and see if you can resist the urge to sing and vibe with the beat. Also, give a try to 44 seconds long music video produced by Vallyre herself. The visuals are unique to the genre yet hold the unique spirit of the song and artist.