Ultra Relaunches Sustainability Program at Bayfront Park

With Ultra Music Festival happening in Miami in just a few weeks, organizers have announced the return of their sustainability program, Mission: Home. Before Ultra transforms Bayfront Park into a dance music haven from March 25 to 27, it’s doing its part to safeguard the environment.

“As we return to Bayfront Park, we’re excited to announce the relaunch of our sustainability program, Mission: Home!” Ultra organizers announced on Sunday. 

The annual Bayfront Park shoreline cleanup takes place Sunday, March 6 at 2:30 p.m. Ultra shared a video showing dance music fans cleaning up the event area while dancing. 

“Just having people realize that they’re personally responsible for their space is so important,” Ultra’s sustainability manager Vivian Belzaguy says. “My hope is that people leave the festival and continue to behave that way.”

Growing Sustainability

Ultra is incorporating many of its sustainability initiatives from 2019, the last year it held its festival before the coronavirus pandemic. Organizers have also pledged to launch more efforts. 

The program’s mission is “to preserve our home, reduce our environmental impact and inspire our community to protect the planet.” Ultra has committed to developing sustainability initiatives every year to preserve natural resources for future generations. Their vision is to expand environmental consciousness and “positively shifting behavior both on and off festival grounds.”

Ultra’s home in recent years has been Bayfront Park. But it was booted after some neighbors complained about noise. It moved to Virginia Key in 2019, but canceled its contract there after numerous issues. One of them was a study showing loud music caused fish to have higher stress levels than when they were chased by a predator.

Returning to Bayfront Park, Ultra is doing its part to keep it a home not only to itself but the Miami community. Attendees can do their part by leaving no trace and volunteering for Clean Vibes.

For more information on Mission: Home, visit  its page here