Ultra Debuts Home Sustainability Program at Bayfront Park

With Ultra Music Festival just around the corner, the organizers debuted their ‘Home Sustainability Program‘ at Bayfront Park. Last Sunday, volunteers were invited to clean up the area for the upcoming event. Attendees had the chance to do a good thing for the environment while dancing to good music.

Ultra’s Mission: Home Program aims to preserve the area, reduce the environmental impact of the festival, and inspire the community to protect the planet. Moreover, they want to expand the environmental consciousness of everyone, beyond the festival grounds.

Back in 2019, organizers incorporated a few initiatives in order to achieve their goal. This year, with the festival back, Ultra wants to continue in the same trend. For instance, they partnered up with Clean Vibes, where you can volunteer in exchange for festival admissions. With their help, Ultra will clean up the Bayfront Park area after the event.

Some of the other initiatives instituted by Ultra include installing 40 cigarette disposals on the grounds, giving free pocket ashtrays to the attendees, replacing trees, vegetation, and wildlife, protecting storm drains, using responsible production effects, etc.

From a community standpoint, Ultra will bring back the Eco Village. It is a space to learn, engage and connect with community partners who will teach you about protecting the environment and other important causes. The festival also makes sure that every vendor and staff member stays educated on the matter. Obviously, there are many other initiatives that you can read all about here.

Ultra Music Festival is coming up soon and is already sold out. The return to Bayfront Park should be an epic one, kicking things off with the classic Miami Music Week.

Stay tuned for more news!