Two Years After Avicii's Passing, We Remember Some Of The Best Tributes In His Honor

Today marks the two year anniversary since the iconic Swedish DJ and producer Avicii passed away. It’s been two years since the EDM industry woke up to the saddest news they’ve heard in years. The dance music legend Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, passed away at just 28 years of age. Artists, fans, and workers in the industry shared their condolences and, above all, their appreciation for the legacy the artist left behind.


Pointed as one of the primary DJs who brought EDM into the spotlight and made it the giant it is today, Avicii was one of the brightest minds of our generation. The DJ set a precedent in EDM history. And not only that—as a person, friend and coworker, everyone loved Tim Bergling. Musicians all around the industry admired the skills and creativity he had. It’s safe to say that Avicii defined an era. His career forever changed music’s history.

Here at EDMTunes, we wanted to remember some of the most heart-warming, impressive and important tributes that have taken place in honor of Avicii since his passing. Make sure to click on the links to read, see, and listen to each and every one of these special moments.

Two Years Without Avicii: Remembering The Genius

10. Avicii’s Mega-Hit ‘Wake Me Up’ surpasses 1 billion streams and ends up the decade as the 8th most streamed song.

Just about everyone who likes EDM knows this song. Avicii’s collaboration featured Aloe Blacc managed to stay as one of the best tracks of the whole decade, and it continues to hold its own as a mainstay today.

9. Avicii’s track Without You wins best Swedish song of the year. DJ earns bets Swedish artists award. Father receives post-humous award.

During the year of his passing, Tim would be honored by the industry many times. All of them were much deserved. His father, Klas Berling, would make some appearances to receive the awards given to his son.

8. Artists all over the world play Avicii’s biggest hits to pay tribute to the musician.

The world of music felt Avicii’s parting. Singers, bands, festivals and, of course, DJs all paid tribute to one of the biggest artists our generation had.

7. DJs remix, edit, play and compose tracks in honor of Avicii.

Syn Cole, Arty, Alesso, and Vicetone were just some of the DJs who, through the months after Avicii’s passing shared some heartwarming and amazing tributes dedicated to the Swedish Producer.

6. Fans all over the world share heartwarming tributes.

Taking over charts. Countrywide applause. Custom attires. Graffiti. Massive gatherings. Church Bells playing his tracks. The response to Avicii’s death was so huge, his family had to set up a digital memorial website for fans to be able to share their condolences. That, right there, is love. Tim’s fans invaded the world and filled it with all types of tributes. celebration to the life of a genius

Tributes To Avicii’s Legacy Continue

5. Fans and DJs at Tomorrowland come together to pay touching tribute to Tim Bergling. Family sets up “The Avicii Memorial Board”.

Original Avicii Memory Flag

Tomorrowland’s 2018 edition was the place where both artists and fans came together by the thousands. Together, they displayed a number of beautiful tributes to celebrate Avicii’s life. One of the most memorable was when a giant Swedish flag portraying the artist’s face was unfolded. Truly a beautiful moment.

4. Avicii is honored and remembered at the Grammys, awarded an honorary Grammi.

When the Grammys’ 2019 edition came around, both the Swedish version and the global one made sure to pay homage to Avicii. During the Swedish event, the late artist received an honorary award, which was presented to his father.

After TIM

3. Avicii’s third album, TIM, released.

After all the wait, speculation, and wondering, Avicii’s third album, TIM, was released. Finished by some of the artist’s closest friends, TIM took over the EDM world. Since it served as such a special release, Avicii’s third album experience shook everyone.

Two weeks before being released, fans were able to connect all through the world to stream Avicii’s newest album. 5 cubes were placed so that people could pre-listen to TIM. TIM went on to earn the #1 position on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Album Chart. Earlier this year, TIM earned two albums during the Swedish Grammis, further cementing Avicii’s eternal legacy inside the music industry.

2. The Heaven’s tribute video.

This was a moment that left no eye dry. Avicii’s videographer gathered material from Tim’s trip to Madagascar after his final concert. The video is simply beautiful and crushing, but also one that makes you smile—staring at the face Avicii would want us to remember him by.

1. Avicii’s tribute concert.

In my opinion, this was the most magical event to pay tribute to an artist I’ve ever watched. Avicii’s tribute concert was filled with friends, fans, family, and artists whom played some of the DJ’s biggest tracks to pay tribute to him. Tickets sold out in less than 30 minutes, and all proceeds went to the foundation created in honor of the DJ, which focuses on mental health and suicide prevention. Later, Tim’s father would deliver a heartfelt interview, in which he said he expects to one day be able to listen to his son’s music again.

Avicii’s Legacy

Alas, here we are: Avicii’s passing two years anniversary. Sadly, Tim’s gone, but his legacy lives on. This day will forever be remembered by EDM fans. A sad day, it would seem like. However, there is another side to this story. Undoubtedly, Avicii, Tim Bergling left a mark on all of us. With his music, the artist aimed to leave a mark in the world. Certainly, he lived a life he will remember—one we will all remember.

It’s okay to be sad. We lost a friend, an idol, a son. However, celebrating Tim’s life is something we owe him. Mourn, but, listen to his music. Dance, sing, and shout. Above all, celebrate the life of one of the greatest musicians of our generation. Be happy for him. Live every experience through his music, he won’t be experiencing anymore. We miss you, and we love you, Tim.