Tomorrowland's Thoughtful Industry Letter Reveals Backup Plan” />

With 2020 being such a slog, festival after festival has been postponed or canceled. Much of the world is at a standstill and the full impact on the music industry is yet to be fully understood. One of the few festivals still scheduled is Tomorrowland 2020, although speculation on its fate has been circulating. Preparations for the 2020 edition are reportedly still underway and we’re expecting news on after Belgium officials meet this week.

Today those in the industry received a surprise from the Tomorrowland team in the mail. The package contained a thoughtful letter with words of comfort and a box of chocolates.

Credit to Reddit u/FunBrush7

The letter appears to indicate Tomorrowland will take place in 2021, rather than postponed this year, should the festival not go ahead on the scheduled dates.

“There’s also a chance that reality caught up on us between the sending and the delivery of this little package of joy from Belgium. Maybe we already had to announce the postponement of Tomorrowland to 2021 officially, which would be extremely hard on all of us.”

The sentiment also echoes communication that has come through previously, highlighting the priority of health and safety to all involved.

“Tomorrowland is currently in close consultation with the government, and we are awaiting instructions that we will follow closely at that time. It goes without saying that the well-being, health and safety of our visitors, crew, neighbors, artists, and everyone else involved is our highest priority.”

The letter also acknowledged all those involved in the music industry who have been significantly impacted.

“Unfortunately, festivals are just the tip of the iceberg, because underneath there’s an ecosystem of many hundreds of great suppliers, hardworking freelancers, creative companies, talented artists, management companies & booking agencies who are currently insufficiently in the picture and are also in the eye of the storm.”

Times are tough, but we’re forever thankful for the message of Love and Unity Tomorrowland brings.