Tomorrowland 2022 Making Changes to Reduce Noise for Neighbors

With the first names of Tomorrowland out today and the full lineup coming tomorrow, future attendees are at the edge of their seats for this year’s event. In addition, some other details continue to surface, including some festival changes, according to Tomorrowland’s newspaper, Tomorrowland Today.

Below are a few of the Tomorrowland changes reported by Tomorrowland Today, in a courteous effort to reduce noise for the surrounding communities.

  • First, Tomorrowland is getting rid of the bass-heavy outdoor Q-dance stage and using the space for a food zone instead. That means the epic Sword Stage from 2019 is a one-and-done (for now).
  • Second, Tomorrowland plans to use mostly low-noise fireworks to reduce impacts to the surrounding areas. Additionally, they will use an information system to warn neighbors when fireworks are about to start so they can secure their animals. All firework shows will be done by midnight.
  • Third, the festival will end an hour earlier on Thursday.
  • Fourth, Tomorrowland will not use commercial helicopters anymore, which will reduce overhead noise significantly.

Pre-registration for Tomorrowland 2022 is open now. Worldwide presale begins February 19th, and worldwide ticket sales begin on February 26th. Head on over to their website to sign up and get more info.