Time Warp’s ‘Two Days / Two Stages’ Festival Will Return this Fall

Time Warp just announced their Two Days / Two Stages festival will return this November 3rd and 4th at Maimarkthalle in Mannheim, Germany. Two Days / Two Stages is one of Time Warp’s most unique events known for its cutting-edge sound and stellar production. This year’s event will welcome an impressive roster of artists including 999999999, Adam Beyer, AnethaDeborah De Luca, FKA.m4a, ven VäthNina KravizBlack CoffeeTale Of UsAdam BeyerARTBATKobosilPAN-POTPatrick Mason, and many more.

Time Warp reopened all floors of Maimarkthalle for the first time in years last April, providing an unforgettable reunion for the electronic dance community. Two Days / Two Stages will see a welcome return to Maimarkthalle, and will be the last show before Time Warp’s 30th Anniversary event in 2024.

Ticket buyers can purchase a ticket for Two Days / Two Stages to get prioritized access to the presale for Time Warp’s 2024 event. You can get more info and purchase tickets here.