Tiësto Awes With His New Karan Aujla’s ‘Softly’ Remix

The Dutch EDM legend Tiësto breaks boundaries with his new remix of Karan Aujla and producer Ikky’s ‘Softly’. The original track was already a powerful Punjabi R&B banger, and now it is a masterful House craft.

Not So Softly

The song goes hard, as opposed to what the title says. It has a very funky groove, but stays true to the Punjabi influences of the original. Moreover, the mix accelerates the vocals and adds more force to the drop, and the Tumbi element adds so much flavor to the song. It has a meaningful depth to it, as Tiësto helps Karan Aujla’s vision of bringing Punjabi music into the mainstream and honoring his culture globally.

Karan Aujla

The Punjabi-Canadian has a beautiful mission: To destroy the language barrier and allow everyone to enjoy Punjabi music. And he really outdid himself with ‘Softly’. In addition, this remix will further allow his culture to be recognized on a larger scale.


The EDM master has a major impact in the dance scene. His ability to adapt himself to different genres including Trance, House or Big Room have increased his longevity in the industry. Consistently raising the bar for himself and every other producer. Recently, he has had major collabs with current international artists, like Karol G and Ava Max. ‘Softly’ Remix is proof of his adaptability and his capabilities as a DJ.

Shall we? let’s play ‘Softly’: