The Warehouse Project Warns of “Blue Punisher” Ecstasy Pills

The Warehouse Project has warned about “Blue Punisher” pills in circulation. These MDMA pills are extra strength and are distributed around Manchester in England. The ecstasy is stamped with the logo from Marvel’s The Punisher. They were tested by the MANDRAKE drug analysis lab at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Warehouse Project installed drug testing on-site at their events in 2013. We can only imagine the number of lives this has saved. They work closely with MANDRAKE and always warn attendees of potentially dangerous substances.

The event company also shared a map of the venue and promised a non-judgemental and safe space in its welfare and medical areas.

This past summer at Parklife Festival in the UK, they were a massive test of all the MDMA pills found there. Their end results concluded that today’s average MDMA pill contains 170 mg, 1.5x stronger than the suggested intake. So maybe make sure to always cut your pills in half. The normal dose should be around 80-120mg. Stay safe friends and always make sure to test your drugs.