The Prophet Waves Goodbye At Final Show On Defqon.1

After more than 35 years, the Godfather of Hardstyle has decided to move on and end the ‘The Prophet‘ chapter.

It’s sad, it’s true, but it’s also very well deserved. Dov Joseph Elkabas, also known as The Prophet, has put an end to his career as a musician — at least as we know it —, after an extensive stay, and becoming a legend of the Hardstyle and Hardcore genres. The Defqon.1 2023 Mainstage was all his this past Sunday afternoon, to say farewell to his iconic project.

Check out this video, taken during the last minutes of his set:

[embedded content]

The Prophet

He was part of the rise of Hardcore, and then the Hardstyle wave. The proud owner of Scantraxx Records has a story or two to tell about his career, given he’s been DJing for around 40 years, and producing for a little over 35. Songs such as ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry (1995), ‘Wake Up!‘ (2011), ‘Caramba!‘ (2016), and ‘Wanna Play?‘ (2019) are just a tiny part of his extensive discography. He even covered the world hit by band Roxanne, ‘Listen To Your Heart‘.

About ending The Prophet, he says he’s been tempted to try new, perhaps slower, creative paths, and ultimately discarded the idea in the fear of disappointing his fans and the community. So he’s starting everything from scratch: no logo, no name. To read the complete statement, head over to his From The Hard segment of his artist page, by clicking right here.

This new chapter in my life is all about experiencing artistic freedom again. A new creative and musical adventure set out to create something new, whatever this may turnout to be.

-The Prophet

Speaking about From The Hard, this was the name of his last tour as The Prophet, and also a YouTube miniseries we covered just a few days ago. The last gig of the tour, and therefore his last-ever gig, was Defqon.1 2023.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as the set is out. We, too, are counting the days to witness a piece of Hardstyle history being written. For now, though, below you’ll find a Spotify playlist with Dov’s essentials. Treat yourself to an amazing 50 tracks of what he got to say for a full three and a half decades.

Thank you for everything, you legend.