Temple One Releases Majestic Album ‘Vivid Motion’

One of the Trance veterans just published a loving work, for those who love the emotion-filled beats.

If you are looking for a beautiful Trance album, look no further, for English producer Joe Garrett, also known as Temple One, has just put out a spectacular one. Get ready to experience the feeling of flying high or hovering over the world, on a ride piloted by pads, vocals, and silky melodies.

One of the most respected artists of the genre, being active since 2006, Temple One has had quite the career, releasing singles such as ‘Walk The Line‘, ‘Odyssey‘, and most recently a conjoint remix alongside Daniel Kandi for Goldscan‘s ‘Sunrise‘. After releases on labels like Enhanced, Pure Trance, A State Of Trance, and Digital Society, Garrett hit the table with an extensive piece, titled Vivid Motion.

Temple One.

Temple One’s Vivid Motion

This journey is quite an introspective one, with ten tracks all made entirely by Temple One. No collaborations, no remixes, just pure, bare Trance. Press play and get the feels from the get-go with the Ambient/Downtempo nature of ‘Arrival‘, to then up the BPMs as you meet several ways of expressing emotion through a song. By track four, ‘Esplanade‘, you’ll already be cruising the Uplifting Trance airspace. And that’s what will await you until the end. It has to be said: if your soul speaks Uplifting, let me tell you, this is the way to go.

Treat yourself to the delicate energy in ‘Curer‘, fly away with the vocals of ‘Love Has Gone‘, or enjoy the purist vibe of ‘Our Destination‘. The choice is yours. Thing is, by the time you reach the final track ‘Tyrian Sun‘, there’s sort of a weight you’ll notice you don’t carry anymore: that album heals.

Writer’s Pick

I’m really digging ‘Find A Way‘, the seventh track of Vivid Motion. It makes me close my eyes and go with the flow, really dive deep into the fibre of every melody, every hit of the pluck, and the atmosphere as a whole. It engulfs me, and makes me go back to the old days of Anjunabeats and that somehow soft, yet at the same time so hard-hitting, era of Trance. I imagine this track as a hybrid between Sunny Lax, Smith & Pledger, and the passing of time. Sublime if I do say so myself.

Temple One – Vivid Motion Tracklist

  1. Arrival
  2. Curer
  3. Beholder
  4. Esplanade
  5. Secrets from Me
  6. Love Has Gone
  7. Find a Way
  8. Our Destination
  9. Escape Velocity
  10. Tyrian Sun

Final Words

I have to say I really enjoyed this album. It has the correct — overflowing — amount of feels and it triggers some things inside of you, those things few genres can. Trance is one of them. And this album delivers Trance as it is intended: from the heart.

Listen to Temple One’s Vivid Motion right below, by clicking on the Spotify button. Alternatively, click here to fly over to YouTube, and also be sure to follow this link for any other platforms.