Survey Finds 21% of Canadians Will Never Attend a Live Show Again”/>

Many of us are on the edge of our seats waiting for live shows and concerts to return. While nearly everything has been cancelled or postponed to 2021, how many of you will actually feel safe attending these events after months of isolation? A new survey out of Canada has some concerning results in regard to the future of live music events and public outings.

The survey was organized by Music Canada and Ottawa’s Abacus Data in the past few weeks. According to Digital Music News, 21% of Canadians stated they will probably never feel comfortable attending smaller live concerts again. This is even after social distancing is safely removed. This includes smaller events like clubs, restaurants, and concerts. Next, 41% of those surveyed stated it would take them 6 or more months to safely return to live shows.

Beyond this, 23% stated it would take them approximately 3 months to return to live shows and just 14% said they are ready to return right now. In addition, the survey also focused on large scale festivals and concerts. Approximately, 26% stated they would probably never feel comfortable attending one again. Most shockingly, a staggering 50% admitted that they would probably never feel comfortable attending a concert in the USA.

The entertainment industry has taken a huge hit and is relying on the public to return once it is safe. Nonetheless, it is concerning that many people may never feel safe returning to a concert or festival again. Hopefully once the COVID-19 vaccine is available worldwide, everyone will feel more comfortable that their health is not at risk. Still, nearly all of us can agree that virtual shows and livestreams can never replace the live events we all miss.

You can read more about the survey results here.