Study Says 1 of 2 Music Festival Attendees Risk Hearing Loss

A new study shows that over 50% of festival attendees suffer from tinnitus. In this condition, a person hears ringing, clicking, or buzzing inside their ear. This condition is caused by overexposure to loud noise. Using earplugs can prevent this condition; sadly, only one in 10, regularly wears them at festivals and nightclubs. 

According to the World Health Organization, one in two young people is at risk of noise-induced hearing loss – including Tinnitus and deafness. 

At EDM Tunes, we love big festivals and music. Still, we would like to encourage the music industry and especially our readers to follow these suggestions when attending these events:

  • Make a habit of wearing earplugs at the festivals. You can find many options in the market and get the one that fits your ears the best. They are not expensive, and you can buy some for your rave group. Trust us; your friends will appreciate you saving it from Tinnitus and hearing loss. 
  • Avoid hearing music with levels over 100 dB. Nowadays, Multiple apps allow users to measure sound levels from their phone easily; if levels are over 100, it’s time to use your earplugs.  
  • Stay away from the speakers. Remember, you can be raving for hours, and your ears need to rest