Steve Angello & Axwell Play Surprise B2B At Private Tel-Aviv Party

A duo we haven’t seen perform together for a long time just made a quick return. Out of the three DJs that make up Swedish House Mafia, the combination between members Steve Angello and Axwell is one we rarely get to see. Back in the day, Steve Angello and Axwell produced as a duo under the name Supermode. Last weekend, a private festival create to gather funds saw Steve Angello and Axwell come together for a surprise B2B, and yeah, it was as awesome as you’re thinking.

Steve Angello & Axwell came together for a surprise B2B in Tel Aviv

After the separation of the Swedish House Mafia, many theorized that the main conflict inside the band was between Steve Angello and Axwell. While we might never know, one thing is true: seeing the two of them, together and without Sebastian Ingrosso is an uncommon sight.

Axwell & Steve Angello Revive Supermode For A Surprise B2B

What you can see above and below is just a fraction of the massive party Tel-Aviv experienced.

Axwell & Steve Angello Played New SHM ID

On top of everything, there was one extra surprise to this epic night. As confirmed later by Axwell himself, the track played on the video shown above is, in fact, a new SHM ID. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for this one. The Swedish House Mafia continues upping their game. Each release has been stronger than the previous one. The essence of their new albums starts to take form. And, while we cannot predict where will it all go, we’re sure of one thing. It will be a moment that will forever be engraved in the annals of dance music’s history.

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