Spotify Supremium HiFi Plan Will Cost $20 A Month

Spotify is preparing to roll out a new Supremium HiFi plan. Since 2017, rumors have circulated about this plan but nothing has come out of it. To add to the rumor mill, a Reddit user dug into Spotify’s app and found some interesting details. Apparently, it could have 24-bit Lossless music, which the company claims is free from lag and delays.

Despite none of this being formally factual, it seems you will be able to sort playlists by danceability. It may come with other options including sorting by BPM and Key. Basically, your phone is a walking DJ now. We finally may get smooth transitions after all. Personally, I never understood why they couldn’t link BPMs if they were close enough for this. Well, seems like you will need to pay $20 a month for it.

Other Supremium perks discovered by the curious Reddit user included using AI to make playlists. Currently, Spotify has a Smart Shuffle option that adds songs to an already-established playlist. It could also include 30 hours of audiobooks each month versus paying for each book individually. There will also be Soundcheck which tells you about your listening habits and discover what mix of sounds is uniquely you.

Their Supremium HiFi Plan will be the most expensive out of any they have. Will you consider upgrading or do you need to see some more perks?