Spotify Launches in 13 New Countries

Renowned music platform Spotify has just launched in 13 new countries. An announcement was made on the official website about this exciting news.

Spotify is now available in Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, and more. Officially, this means that the service is now available in 92 markets and will certainly continue to expand.


According to Spotify’s Vice President of Markets and Subscriber Growth Gustav Gyllenhammar:

Spotify’s arrival in Russia, as well as the additional 12 European countries, is a big step forward in our overall global growth strategy. A fundamental piece of that strategy is staying connected to global culture while allowing room for local adaptation, and we’ve certainly achieved that with these launches.

Russia is known to have an extensive streaming market. Now that Spotify has become involved, the thriving market is expected to grow even more. We can’t wait to see what more is in store for the well-known music streaming platform.