Spotify Karaoke Will Soon Be A Thing

Spotify has been testing out a new feature for the last several months that allows users to sing-a-long to their favorite songs. At the end of the song it gives you an accuracy score, based on how well the singing matched the actual song.

No special equipment is needed to use this feature, and some people already have it on their phones. To use it, simply open up a song you would like to sing to, then tap the “Lyrics” feature and from there you will see a button that says “Sing”, which will put you into the Karaoke sequence. The lyrics appear with an audio analyzer and you can sing your little heart out, and then see how you did!

This has party game, written all over it, however, it has not yet been “gamified”, meaning that it wont keep score, and doesn’t have an easy way to project results to a large group. This idea however, is really good, and keep your eyes peeled as Spotify continues to explore this new avenue with their app.

The feature should be available on most phones by the end of the summer.

One interesting and unsubstantiated idea, is that the app is using this game to collect data on our voices. There is no evidence to support this, but other news sites are mentioning it, and it could be true, as Spotify and many social apps do employ fun gimmicks as a way to harvest data from us.

As for me, I am just stoked to see how I perform belting out ‘MEET ME AT OUR SPOT’.