Spencer Brown Announces New Album ‘Equanimity’

One of the current prodigies of the Electronic realm is on its way to reaching new heights with this one.

Spencer Brown is an artist whose story is nothing short of amusing. Discovered by Avicii and propelled by Above & Beyond, the now proud owner of his own record label diviine has had a stellar career. Collaborations with A&B — ‘Long Way From Home‘, and recently taking part in Paavo’s P.O.S debut album —, regularly playing B2B with his very inspiration deadmau5, and releases on Anjunabeats and mau5trap to name a few, have turned his love and passion for music into his whole life.

All of this, and he’s not even thirty.


His third artist album, titled Equanimity, saw its announcement today. Following the paths of his past works, namely Illusion of Perfection and Stream of Consciousness, Equanimity appears to tell a tale of exploration and deep self-reflection. Although Spencer has made headlines with both his banging style and his melodic ability, we’d expect the album to focus mainly — if not entirely — on the latter quality of his productions.

This album took 4 years to write, and it will be one continuous mix like my first two.

-Spencer Brown

The LP will come out on September 29th, on his imprint diviine. From what we can see from his latest Instagram post, the album contains eleven tracks, out of which seven are collaborations. Some names we can recall are Qrion (“Q”), and ilan Bluestone (“iB”).

Track 2 seems to have some sort of “SF” title to it, which may hint at a new Ben Böhmer collaboration, or perhaps another artist with which he might apply the “SF” concept. We’d expect one of these collaborations to be a conjoint work with Paavo, too. Finally, the opening track is hidden completely, giving the illusion it could be a new alias/band of which Spencer is a part. Maybe, just maybe, it is his ABGT300 opening track, his and Wilt Claybourne’s remix for Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s ‘Awu Wemadoda’. There’s even an “a” at the very end of the line hiding the name. Please, make it happen!


For now, Equanimity has three core dates for a celebration tour: Austin, on September 23rd, Los Angeles, on October 21st, and Denver, on November 18th. Pre-sale tickets are to come out in the next few days, so be sure to stay up to date with news on that one. For now, we only know he’s working with a team true to his philosophy, in the sense that every show won’t feature standard visual packs or sequences, but rather, everything will be worked out right there and then, a truly live show.

We can’t wait to hear more about Spencer’s latest milestone. Big ups!