Spain Plans To Reopen Nightlife With Some Rules

By now, I’m sure the COVID-19 quarantine is making us all restless. The dance music industry is trying to come up with contingency plans for its future. Live entertainment and events are still on the fritz. Spain, however, is trying to tackle reopening nightclubs in a sustainable and socially acceptable way.

What Does This Mean?

New rules include contactless payments, wearing masks, and drinking from ecological straws to prevent transmission of the virus. Furthermore, they’ll mark dance floors with squares indicative of individual dance spaces. Plus, restrooms will be controlled, with hand gel everywhere. VIP areas will be strongly encouraged to ensure distance between groups. Get ready for better temperature regulation as well. Every clubber headed to Spain is subject to these rules.

DJs get their own personal booths, with protective covers for their belongings. Doormen control entryways handled through a traffic light system. Nightlife Spain, the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Leisure and Shows, proposed these rules. The Spanish Government plans to adopt this in the next upcoming days.

President Ramon Mas Espinalt states it is vital for nightclubs to follow these rules in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. Their nightlife is slowly re-opening through June (in phases) to give confidence to fallen businesses and clubbers. Pay attention to the extensive hygiene and cleaning rules about to come. Disinfection of inside and outside everything will happen. As countries and businesses slowly start to re-open on our side, we should heed their protocols.

Let’s face it, things will try to return back to normal but there will be significant changes to operations of our most beloved industries. We won’t know when it is truly safe, and an unknown vaccine ETA doesn’t help.

Be prudent and respectful, now is the time to count on people’s sense of responsibility if you want things to open back up. P.S., no more sneaking into the DJ artist area.