SoundCloud Opens Its Doors To AI Mastering” />

SoundCloud has stepped up its game another notch. The audio sharing platform has clearly realized that there’s a need within producers to have a way to master their music. As a result, they’ve partnered with Dolby to carve out a new mastering feature with four different options. These alternatives are driven by different tonal outcomes that depend on the creator’s taste.

The four modes are:

  • Clear Sky: “brighten your mix, manage your dynamics and reign in your low-end”
  • Aurora: “for something ethereal, light and wavy”
  • Sunroof: “open your mid and high frequencies and bring some life to your transients”
  • Thunder: for decibels that make your “car speakers rumble and club systems shake”

Try It Out

Users have the option for a 30-second trial to test out the master they would prefer to utilize. These clips can even be accessed by a non-Pro subscriber for free.

By partnering with Dolby, creators have access to advanced technology that’s been perfected through thousands of hours of music analysis and by working with professional engineers to replicate their process.


Once committed, the platform will give an overview of the adjustments made to the existing audio file. There is also a slider that allows the user to decide on the mastering intensity he/she would prefer. A price tag of $4.99 is attached to avail the mastering per track. SoundCloud Pro Unlimited users have the benefit to get 3 free tracks per month, with an attached cost of $3.99 afterwards. Find out more here.

Big Moves For Soundcloud

A series of livestreams have been planned to celebrate the arrival of SoundCloud Mastering. This will involve artists mastering their “forgotten gems, b-sides and demos”. Head over to SoundCloud’s Twitch channel to witness the first of these on July 14th with rapper Kota the Friend.

The platform’s AI Mastering concept is definitely a sustainable and affordable alternative for the average musician or someone starting out. However, it still stands that mastering is a dedicated and complex skill that, at the end of the day, requires years of meticulous focus. This development on a common global platform accessible to all has the potential to start across a fresh new ‘man vs machine’ debate. This debate will have the results closely monitored by mastering engineers around the globe. Let’s wait and watch.