Soundcloud Launches Its Own Live Twitch Channel” />

In the newly discovered race to the top of the livestream world, Soundcloud is getting in on the game. The streaming platform has announced that they’re heading to Twitch with their own channel. They’re starting a series of programming that includes live chats and panels, sets from artists and more.

This comes as no surprise after they announced a partnership with Twitch in March. The official launch of the Soundcloud channel will serve as a “new home for all artists, creatives and listeners to meet emerging acts, hear from some major names in music and connect directly with the SoundCloud team and experts”, according to their website announcement.

A few noteworthy programs upcoming on the feed include Studio Sessions with the founder of Soulection, Fresh Pressed – a program that features artists telling the stories behind their new tunes – and Cloud Bar, which sounds like a broader discussion board to discuss “issues and topics that matter most to artists today.” We’re definitely curious to see how this develops over the next few weeks with the initial program, as well as wondering when we’ll start to see more sets from artists on here as well.

It’s an interesting approach for the company, seeing as Mixcloud announced back in April that they’d be launching their own livestream platform instead of using one of the existing spaces for this like Twitch or Facebook Live. Ultimately, it makes sense that Soundcloud would choose to capitalize on an already-established platform like Twitch—especially since viewership has been increasing steadily as quarantine goes on.

The first studio session happens this morning at 11am PT. You can tune into Soundcloud’s ongoing events on their Twitch here, and follow their updated event lineup here.