Skrillex Opens Up About His Mental Health

A few years ago, during a string of Lollapalooza sets, his mother passed away sending Skrillex down a long road of struggle with his mental health. He continued to keep this quiet for years until now. He even went as far to tell fans he needed time to work on new music but really he was “working on himself”. In that time, he withdrew from his headline spots at Movement Festival and Sunset Music Festival.

Recently, Skrillex came to the forefront of his fan base and let everything out. He tweeted “toughest year of my life” – referring to 2022 – and all the work he has done to bring himself to a better state of life. This journey required him to pull back once in his life. It halted everything that had to do with his artist career. Thankfully, his battle is coming to a conclusion and the superstar is ready to hop back on the path of success.

What’s next for Skrillex?

Since his return, Skrillex has released his tracks ‘Rumble‘ and ‘Way Back‘ – along with performing a series of shows with Four Tet and rising artist Fred again... All together, these events are leading up to a massive 2023 double album. Besides EPs and singles, this will be Skrillex’s first album since 2015. This ongoing activity is a sight to see for Skrillex fans all over the world.

We are all very excited to see Skrillex’s return, mentally and musically. His music has a special piece of the EDM community’s heart and will for decades to come. Get ready for the dance music king to take back his throne in 2023.

If you or someone you know is battling with mental health or substance abuse, call 1-800-487-4889 or visit SAMHSA for help and support to the road of recovery.

You can stream ‘Rumble’ here.