The perfect soundtrack to your life is by Sian with his ‘Subzero‘ album. Its two tracks hit you hard with otherworldly, dark, and hypnotic means. We see its release on his very own imprint, Octopus Recordings.

Subzero‘ is the first track and it takes off as soon as you hit play. With acidic synths and a dash of techno monotony, this takes Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ to another level. It is 6.5 minutes of acidic, energetic, and pulsating adventure.

Like A Drug‘ has a lighter melody, exuding a feeling of empowerment when listening. The emotional lyrics coupled with the igniting track make the perfect antithesis to the first song.

About Sian

Sian represents avant-garde club culture. Meaning his style boldly crosses genres from techno, hip-hop, dub, or acid. He has no fear in being an experimental electronic artist. In fact, he has slayed many clubs and festivals worldwide doing so. Ranked amongst the highest-selling techno labels, he breaks the rulebook in production. Exploring sonic, visual, and physical art forms, the Irishman exhibits true artistic talent over everything.

He collaborates with video artists, streetwear makers, skaters, and vocalists to create ruthless underground parties. He tours around the globe nonstop and shatters his audience with his unmistakable vibrant sound. Packing dance floors worldwide, we can’t wait for him to be at an event nearest us.

His output is out of this world, driving, and ecstatic. A powerhouse on razor edges, he has a new-school attitude for sound and design aesthetics. Classic modern techno is what he represents. After all, if you’re going to add a new subgenre, you have to make it your own.

Raised in Spain and now residing in Los Angeles as his sun-drenched home, this is the perfect place for him to be. We know the quarantine is still in place, but listen below and see if you like!

Sian – Subzero EP | Buy/Stream