Seven Lions Talks Beyond The Veil, Collaborations, Music Making, and More In Reddit AMA

Seven Lions joined Reddit for an AMA last week. He just released his debut album Beyond The Veil and dishes more on comments you may have. Find out future collaborations, what’s next for Abraxis, more on Chronicles, what video games he likes to play, how he makes his music, and so much more. Check out the full conversation here while we provide some highlight Q&A’s from the AMA.

SL: This makes me super happy to hear. Daniel and I put a lot of love and attention into the mythos so I’m stoked to hear you are digging in!

  1. Arild is one of my favorite characters because of the star-crossed love story he is the main character in. I’m not sure if we have really revealed it yet or if its been extrapolated so I’m not gonna say anymore but there is a lyric video coming that really spells it out
  2. The Seven Dawns was definitely something that Daniel was the creator of so I’ll see if he wants to jump in here and get deeper into that lore.
  3. The mythos is just for Seven Lions. I really feel like other Ophelia artists deserve their own identity and I don’t want to have our mythos overshadow them. There is some small crossover in the artwork but where the main story of the mythos is being told is definitely through the Seven Lions art and booklets and not through other Ophelia artists.

I love the idea about the D&D campaign! Definitely go for it. Emma, Courtney and I have been wanting to get into D&D for a while but haven’t yet!

SL: Thanks! I really appreciate that. Things definitely change over the years. The album really came to be because of all the free time during the pandemic. When I am touring so heavily so often I always felt pressure to release a song or two at least a year so the pandemic just gave me time to have a big gap in releases and just work and honestly I loved it. With collabs I feel like I have a lot of friends that I just love the process of working with. Back then it wasn’t like that as much. I’m also very honest with myself about what I am good at and what I am not interested in spending time learning. For example, I am NOT the kind of producer that likes to sit around and spend hours and hours dialing a psy bassline, super heavy bass sounds are kinda the same. Not my favorite thing to make. So yeah, some songs are just way better as collabs when they are with people who have a cool skillset!

SL: I really want to do another one. It won’t be next year because we have some other large endeavor planned. For Chronicles I am at the point where I need to find a good promoter partner for the event. The idea is to move to a camping festival and have it be much more immersive so I need to connect with a team that has experience in that field. We are definitely talking about doing an Abraxis tour. We wanna put on a crazy ass show too, lots of ideas!
SL: We actually had a few opportunities to try this out but I feel like currently it seems a little oversaturated. Its a big ask to have fans fly out to a destination like that. I’ll def keep my eyes open for more demand. I think doing a camp festival with ren faire vibes is ultimately more my style though.
SL: Burning Man was the last one I went to without playing or attending because Emma and Courtey were playing. So, not so much anymore. When it becomes your day in day out life it changes. I still love the scene and I enjoy the time I spend at festivals because I get to see all my best friends and I love the energy. But for me a vacation or a trip I plan for myself is definitely gonna be more of a camping trip or something more secluded adventure like.
SL: Hahaha, Jason Ross.
SL: Seems like there was already a big gap between whats cool there and whats cool here and it just greatly widened over the pandemic. So, I’m not sure. I still have an agent there. Maybe after the album it would be a good idea to head out that way again. Personally I love it so Emma, Courtney and I might just go for fun!

And last but certainly not least…

SL: Ducky.

Lastly, we’ll see if he really does end up on the Hot Ones with Sean Evans. Or collaborating with Lane 8 and Ilan Bluestone. No collab with Rezz though; that’s for festival bangers only. And with Illenium, it’s going to take time for a good one. The Reddit is chock full of goodies to know. Plus, make sure to grab the Beyond The Veil vinyl and listen to it below.

Seven Lions – Beyond The Veil