Seven Lions' 'Find Another Way' EP Remixes Are A Must

Seven Lions is truly on another level. His talent knows no boundaries. He’s taken melodic dubstep into a whole new world. However, this is not the only thing the artist contributes to the scene. His amazing creation has allowed many other artists to gain a voice by remixing his music and giving it a new touch. Today, with a new Remix EP for his latest EP Find Another Way, he has once again gathered a roster full of pure genius and talent. Find Another Way (Remixes) was released through his own label, Ophelia Records.

A Journey Inside The World Of EDM

This EP has quite an amazing tracklist. Seven Lions gathers 10 of the best producers in the game to deliver a breathtaking EP. As his first EP in 18 months, it’s received nothing but positive reviews. Now, we get an entirely new landscape painted by new brushes. While the core and essence remain, this is a completely new EP. The results? Perfect.

The remix EP tracklist is the following:

1. Only Now (feat. Tyler Graves) (MitiS Remix)

2. Senseless (feat. Tyler Graves) (Nurko Remix)

3. Another Way (with April Bender) (Awakend Remix)

4. Only Now (feat. Tyler Graves) (Inukshuk Remix)

5. What’s Done Is Done (Delta Heavy Remix)

6. Senseless (feat. Tyler Graves) (Arpyem Remix)

7. Only Now (feat. Tyler Graves) (Mazare Remix)

8. Another Way (with April Bender) (Blanke Remix)

9. What’s Done Is Done (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

10. Only Now (feat. Tyler Graves) (Synymata Remix)

Some heavy names such as Delta Heavy and Blanke make an appearance on this EP. However, every single one of the remixes on this EP is just as beautiful, complex, and breathtaking as the next. Drum and Bass, Melodic Dubstep, Progressive House, and more genres take our ears by storm as we enter this magical atmosphere. I am unable to pick a favorite. This is an EP that will stay on repeat this week – and probably the next one, too.

These remixes are likely ones you’ve heard Seven Lions play before. They’re remixes you’ve been enjoying and dancing to for a while now. Don’t believe me? Watch this and find what sounds familiar.

That’s right. Seven Lions’ been sitting on this EP for a while. And it’s finally out! So what are you waiting for? Stream the EP below, and let us know your favorite track.