Serato Rolls Out New Stem Isolation Feature

Serato just rolled out a new feature: Serato Stems, offering on-the-fly stem isolation that lets you separate vocals, melody, bass, and drums from any track. The Serato Stems public beta is out now for users to test out, with a full release expected later this year in both Serato DJ Pro Lite 3.0 and DJ Pro 3.0.

In addition to the ability to isolate stems, Serato Stems will add new effects, including a vocal echo, instrumental echo, instrumental braker, and drums echo. These effects can be accessed both in the desktop app and via the slicer or sampler performance pads on supported controllers.

Serato Stems requires a a bit of processing power, so it’s recommended for users with an M1 or M2 Mac. However, those with slower operating systems have the option to pre-analyze select files and drop them into a “Stems” folder in the crates sidebar. This will take care of all stem analysis in advance, rather than during a live set.

Serato will release more information about the feature once the full product is launched later this year. Until then, existing Serato users can test out the public beta here.