Save Your International Ticket For 2021, US Treasury Secretary Advises

As our nation slowly reopens during the COVID19 pandemic, US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, gives us this warning. International travel may not be allowed to resume until 2021. Until then, he encourages all Americans to travel domestically to help re-boost the economy.

Now, we know this isn’t ideal, as many of you have had to probably cancel your international trips from this year. Cancelling or rebooking flights may have been difficult due to long queues and unreachable staff. It is too hard to tell whether or not international travel will be safe for 2020.

Mnuchin says this is a great time for people to explore parts of America that you haven’t been to. This could be a good time for cross country road trips, right? The main priority is to open the domestic economy, while the president tries to stimulate travel. Safe means of transportation and safety protocols at destinations should be implemented.

So, Now What?

Right now, much of the economy and various industries have taken a nose drive. Airlines have insisted on being safe to use again, but would you? It has been a difficult time, we agree. Protests for re-opening the economy have sparked debate, and California is slowly re-opening in phases.

We won’t know when the right time to end will be, but we know we need a vaccine or immunity to be safe. If staff and the public take the necessary precautions wherever they go, the risk is the same everywhere.

That means social distancing, no loitering in public places, wearing masks, and continuing to wash your hands. Talks of more US government relief funding is underway. The presidency is focused on taxes and travel right now.

Congress passed several major coronavirus relief bills worth nearly $3 trillion already. This grappling wave of unemployment and infections is outrageous and something must be done. Hang in there, guys. Until then, support local national parks and oceans when we can!