Sander van Doorn and Harris & Ford

Sander van Doorn has teamed up with Austrian duo Harris & Ford to produce sensational track ‘Spotlight.’ Glistening vocals hit right from the beginning as a dark baseline guides the song. Deep percussion hits begin to bring the Spotlight out. Trance like synths hit throughout as the track smoothly transitions into the main hook. We can’t wait for this track to play on a grander scale and take over our bodies. Make sure to also give the music video a watch. The visuals are perfect for the track.

Sander van Doorn is a pioneer of dance music. He has produced a countless number of hits that we all have rocked out to over the years. From ‘Gold Skies with Martin Garrix to ‘No Words.’ Given the tumultuous times, he like many other producers has transitioned his performances to live streams. Make sure to give him a follow to stay up to date on his next stream.

The release also comes with an ‘Instrumental Mix.’ Although the vocals fit in wonderfully with the track, there is something about the sounds that makes it just as good without the vocals. Make sure to check out ‘Spotlight’ below!