Robert Pattinson Made “Electronic Ambient Music” While Dressed As Batman

Robert Pattinson, the latest actor to take up the Batman role, reveals he started making “ambient electronic music” while in costume during the movie’s filming.

During a recent interview with GQ, Pattinson reminisced during his time on the set of The Batman.

“…the nature of the shoot was so kind of insular, always shooting at night, just really dark all the time, and I felt very much alone,” Pattinson said. “Even just being in the suit all the time. You’re not really allowed out of the studio with the suit on, so I barely knew what was going on at all outside.”

When the renowned actor wasn’t busy fighting crime and uncovering corruption in Gotham City, he spent most of his time sitting in a tent where he would “go to decompress.”

I’d be in the tent just making ambient electronic music in the suit, looking over the cowl [the mask],” he said. “There’s something about the construction of the cowl that makes it very difficult to read books, so you have to kind of almost lean forward to see out of the cowl.”

We’re not exactly sure why Robert Pattinson would make electronic music suited in his full Batman gear, mask, and all, but we love to see the star using his time on set to take on the art of dance music. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to listen to what he has in the works sometime in the future.

The Batman premiers on March 1, 2022, in the U.S. and is to release in theaters on March 4. Directed by Matt Reeves, the film takes place in Batman’s second year of fighting crime. Viewers will see the superhero pursuing the Riddler, a serial killer who targets Gotham City’s elite.