Ridley Bronson’s Journey From Eclectic Beats To Nostalgic Harmony

ridley bronson

Ridley Bronson, a DJ and producer known for his eclectic style, draws the inspiration for “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray” from ANOTR’s The Reset. He was particularly enamored with the distinctive drum use in the album. The acoustic 909 drums, infused with electronic layers, retained their nostalgic disco essence while introducing a contemporary edge.

In a recent interview, Ridley elaborated on the elements of the record that served as a catalyst for his song, stating: “Undoubtedly, the overall vibe of the album, including the textures, feel, and swing. More specifically though, the drums they used. They incorporate acoustic 909 drums in a tasteful way. A drummer could play some of the breaks in real life, but the way they’re layered, it is unique, and adds an electronic element to what is generally acoustic in classic disco songs.”

Bronson’s songs  “Flex My Drip” and “Blue Skies Aren’t Gray” were crafted to harmonize the known with the new, which wasn’t an easy task. Though keeping details close to his chest, Ridley, in addition, suggests teaming up with female singers with a ’90s R&B vibe. He’s also eager to incorporate authentic instruments like the Rhodes piano in upcoming works.

His journey in the realm of sampling has been one of transformation. Bronson has grown more judicious with his use of overt samples over time. A tune from Royel Otis is currently on his radar for sampling. Beyond the musical sphere, Ridley finds creative sparks in varied places. Russ’s book, IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD, and beloved films from his younger days are wellsprings of inspiration for him, underscoring the value of nurturing a childlike awe and delight in the creative process.

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