Proximity Announces Digital Mirage Festival 2 After Smashing Donation Goal!

Proximity’s online festival Digital Mirage might be the best thing this quarantine has brought upon us. For three days, we were able to enjoy some of the top artists in the industry via livestream. Teaming up with Brownies & Lemonade, Proximity gave us one of, if not the best weekends of the whole year. Now, after all the success, we can confirm Digital Mirage, #2 is on its way! Proximity made the announcement through the YouTube chat after the event was over. So, are you ready for round two?!

Proximity Confirms Digital Mirage Season 2

Digital Mirage Smashes Goal!

Digital Mirage was a complete success. Over the weekend, thousands gathered to stream some quality sets from some of their favorite DJs. Kaskade, Seven Lions, Gryffin, Valentino Khan, Louis The Child, Alison Wonderland and many more joined this unique experience. The result? A festival that smashed records and goals. As said by Brownies and Lemonade, 100,000 dollars was the original goal. Want to know how much money was raised?

252,887 dollars were raised during this weekend.

That’s right. 250,000 dollars! Isn’t that amazing? Thousands of people joined together to support musicians who are affected by the current situation. This, personally, fills my heart as few other things have done during the quarantine. People gave back to the artists who make life worth living. Dancefloors, festivals, clubs. They’re nothing without musicians. This weekend, we came together to show that our community can face this and many more situations.

As you can see, this was an amazing weekend. We can’t wait for round 2! Special thanks to Proximity, B&L, the performing artists, the crew involved, and to every single person who donated to this festival. There’s still a long way to go before we return to our daily lives, but events like this show that, if we stay together, we can face everything life throws at us. Stay together ravers! Get ready! Digital Mirage Festival 2 is coming!