Production Company Owner Builds Full Stage Setup for Livestreams

Amongst the chaos that is COVID-19, many industries have taken a hard hit. Our beloved entertainment and music industry being one of them. Gainesville resident, Douglas Palmieri, was not happy with this and has decided to keep the beat alive in his town. Doug is the owner of Gator Sound and Lighting. He has decided to build a full stage right in his backyard.

Douglas has decided to use this space, named the Quarantine Stage, to help out local venues and performers since Alachua County has closed all non-essential businesses and limited public gathers to less than 10 people. It’s basically one big promo.

So far, Palmieri, has had two shows at this stage. Without real crowds of people, all the performers are live streamed through Twitch. The best part – is the stage is fully equipped with crazy laser lights to make you think you are at a real concert. So far, the “Quarantine Sessions” has consisted of two shows – with a lot of support for more (Quarantine Stage 3.0)

On the other hand, Gainesville High Dive is streaming local artists right from their living room. Dubbed “High Dive Live” this is a benefit series similar to a telethon. Pat Lavery is the High Dive Facility and Events Manager and stated that “music and culture are always changing and you kind of have to adapt to it.”

On top of supporting its own staff and artists, High Dive Live has also created benefit shirts, in conjunction with the National Independent Venue Association. This a committee created to seek federal relief and awareness for venues.

What are your local venues doing to keep the beat alive during COVID-19?