Printworks London “Could Still Have a Future” According to London Night Czar

Amy Lamé, London’s night Czar said in an interview with Mixmag that Printworks may not be closing after all. This comes after ongoing discussions between herself, events company Broadwick Live, and site owners British Land.

Earlier this year, a loud and clear closing decision was made regarding Printworks. Plans were approved for the site’s renovation into a complex of offices.

This news brings the first survival hope for the already-mythical London venue. According to Amy Lamé, talks are ongoing and there may still be a future for Printworks within the new development, insisting Printworks has “not announced its closure” and “there is hope that it still has a future.”

All is not lost…active discussions are taking place about the possibility of keeping a significant venue as part of Printworks.

Amy Lamé, London’s night Czar

The teams at Broadwick Live and British Land have done an incredible job turning the space into a major destination that attracts some of the biggest names in electronic music and visitors from all over the world.”

Amy Lamé continues to say that discussions have been ongoing with a consensus “that retaining the scale and industrial grandeur of the Press Halls will be an important part of the venue’s future.

The Night Czar argues: “Despite it always being clear that it was a temporary space, the threat of its potential loss is no less raw to the tens of thousands who regularly enjoy a night out at Printworks“.

“[These spaces] are a testing ground that is finding out what people want and also keeping our capital’s nightlife fresh and varied. And when they strike success, there’s a chance to build on that for the long-term.”

Amy Lamé

Last week Printworks announced its full Autumn/Winter 2022 line-ups, check out the full list here.

At this point, there have been no comments or confirmation from Broadwick Live, British Land or Southwark Council.