Printworks London Adds New Room To The Venue

One of the most prestigious venues in the UK, Printworks, will be opening a brand new room this autumn. According to the available information, Printworks announced the addition of Inkwells, which will open on September 17. It will be a low-ceilinged space in the heart of the iconic industrial venue.

Mark the date as September 17 will be a great day for clubbing fans in London as it means that the official reopening of the autumn/winter season will take place. Regarding the new room, Inkwells, it will sit directly below the illustrious 6,000 square-meter Press Halls dancefloor.

Printworks new room

Printworks Opening New Room With Massive Artists

After a very difficult period when Printworks shut its doors due to the pandemic, the club is finally about to restart its activity. The re-opening party at Printworks will take place on September 17, 18, and 19. After that, the venue will host massive events like the one with Oliver Heldens that will take place on September 25.

“As a business, we are committed to constantly bettering the experience for all our guests across our venue portfolio and the addition of the Inkwells allows us to programme even more incredible artists and talent for the upcoming Printworks London season and beyond.”

Broadwick Live’s Managing Director, Bradley Thompson

On top of that, Printworks’ new room will add an extra capacity to the 5,000 person dancefloor. Obviously, it will maintain the industrial overtone that makes the main characteristic of the venue. With a continuity line, the new room will display concrete pillars, raging sound systems, and a raw, stripped-back aesthetic.

Although the line-up is yet to be announced for this year’s AW21 season, it will definitely include a bunch of top-of-the-shelf names. The final line-up will see the light on August 10, so make sure to stay tuned. Unfortunately, tickets to Friday and Saturday’s opening sold out, but Sunday tickets are still available. Sign up for Printworks AW21 here.