Porter Robinson Teases Imminent 'Nurture' News

Many then speculated that 2020 was going to be the year of Porter Robinson’s return. And they were right. He announced the title of his upcoming album, Nurture, and the everyone freaked out. Time to bring back up the perfect tweet from Chet Porter:

In February, we got ‘Get Your Wish‘. In March, we got ‘Something Comforting‘. And since the worlds shutdown, many in the electronic music world were calling on Porter to make us feel whole again.

And it’s happening!

According to this recent tweet, Porter will be announcing something for us about the upcoming album. The information is pretty vague as to what we may be getting but whatever it is, it’s going to lift our spirits.

If it’s song-related, we’re thinking it may be the official announcement of a track the North Carolina native debuted at his virtual Secret Sky set, ‘Look At The Sky‘.

While we wait, if you have not already, make sure to listen to Porter’s Party in Place mini-mix from a few days ago!

Happy early birthday, Porter! We’re thankful you’re here!