Porter Robinson Develops Pediatric Burkitt Lymphoma Fund

On Sept. 14, 2021, Porter Robinson announced that he has developed a fund for pediatric Burkitt lymphoma through a YouTube video (see below).

It intends to support children in Malawi, Africa, who are some of the most vulnerable worldwide to developing the deadly form of cancer. The fund is in coordination with UNC Medicine and is called the Robinson Malawi Fund.

But why such a specific cause? In November 2016, when Porter was stopping in Philadelphia on his Shelter Tour, he received a fateful phone call. At that moment, he found out his beloved brother Mark was in the hospital severely ill, with the eventual diagnosis of Burkitt lymphoma.

According to UNC Medicine, Burkitt lymphoma is uncommon in the US and 90 percent of children who get it live. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in Malawi, considering it is their most common form of childhood cancer. And survival rates for them can be as alarmingly low as 29 percent.

Ultimately, the goal of Porter’s fund for pediatric Burkitt lymphoma is to build a cancer shelter at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi. It would be like a home away from home for children and their families who seek treatment. Here is what Porter said about it:

“For the parents, many of whom have to make long, long travels across Malawi to this hospital to receive care. A place where they could stay near the hospital would be something that we think would really help improve outcomes too.”

There will be a Robinson Malawi Fund booth at Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Festival this coming weekend. And you can also find out more or donate to the Robinson Malawi Fund via robinsonmalawifund.org.

Photos via unchealthfoundation.org