Pig & Dan’s Dan Duncan Launches CryptoDJs

CryptoDJs is Dan Duncan of Pig & Dan’s brand new NFT concept. It offers unique digital collectible cards from some of the world’s most respected electronic music artists. It launches today on the Polygon blockchain. Learn more at their website here.

About CryptoDJs

Firstly, a small group of DJs, music lovers, and experts from across the music industry created this entity. This offer new ways for fan engagement with your favorite artists. Secondly, access exclusive communities and content through these collectible NFTs. What’s more, the platform launches with the ‘Genesis Drop’ digital sale from eight internationally renowned techno artists. Enjoy the works of Pig&Dan, Christian Smith, Simina Grigoriu, Victor Ruiz, Gregor Tresher, Mark Reeve, Whebba, and Ken Ishii. 

Each card costs $66 per card, and features an exclusive, unreleased track. Find the track hidden in the respective artist’s favorite color. Choose from 240 NFTs with more to be added over the coming months. Buy in USD without connecting a crypto wallet or in cryptocurrency through a MetaMask wallet. 

In addition, you can build your own dynamic collection by accumulating special card combinations. That gives you access to even more exclusive experiences and content. Specific combinations will unlock specific opportunities.

  • access to unreleased music
  • backstage passes
  • special gallery in Decentraland
  • artist meet and greets
  • AAA concert passes and more

Lastly, Polygon Blockchain has incredibly low power consumption and focuses on a more carbon-neutral society. Soon you can trade cards on Opensea.

A Few Words About The Project

“What really excites me about being part of CryptoDJs, is the fact it’s built on authenticity. It’s been created to provide opportunities for us as artists to engage with those who support us in new and innovate ways. A gateway to grow a genuine collectors community.”

Dan Duncan

“I’m honoured to be part of CryptoDJs and I look forward to this thrilling collaboration with some of my favourite artists. CryptoDJs is the perfect platform where music enthusiasts and collectors can come together it create a truly unique experience. Think of it like baseball cards, but digital and with DJs”

Simina Grigoriu