Pause … & Take Time Out Of Your Busy Life To Listen To BriGuel’s Latest Hit, ‘No One Really Knows’

BriGuel, one of the most down to earth and multi-talented couple artists, has just released their highly anticipated hit called ‘No One Really Knows.’ The song strives to send a message about realization and describes the challenges we are all experiencing in the world today. The duo has partnered up once again with well-known holistic rapper, Andres Gonzales to create another masterpiece. 

With ‘No One Really Knows,’ BriGuel’s goal was to do their part and encourage listeners to never take a moment for granted. We never know what might happen tomorrow so it’s important to live our best lives to the fullest. As the whole world did not expect COVID-19 would creep up on us like it did, life has an indefinite amount of uncertainties. Be kind to your loved ones and never underestimate all the blessings you have. 

‘No One Really Knows’ is the second hit the couple has launched with a concentration on their holistic and consciousness mindful thinking. Previously, BriGuel released another thought provoking track and documentary, both titled ‘The Difference.’ 

The music video for the uplifting track plays in theme with the simplicity the artists are trying to convey. With the breathless and transparent shots, focusing on BriGuel’s and Andres Gonzales’ lyrics. 

Rumor has it that BriGuel will soon be dropping their debut EP so stay tuned!

Check out BriGuel’s latest hit, ‘No One Really Knows’ down below.