Pasquale Gives Update on Fall EDC Plan

EDC Las Vegas is one of the largest electronic music festivals in North America. It’s a festival people wait all year for. It also might not be happening this year.

The COVID-19 outbreak hit festivals pretty hard. Among other cancelled events in 2020 are Electric Zoo and EDC Korea due to Coronavirus concerns.

Where does that leave EDC?

We’re not entirely sure. Currently set to take place on October 2-4 on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, EDC’s fate is pretty uncertain due to an increase in Coronavirus cases across the United States. The United States surpassed 3 million COVID-19 cases, and rates are continuing to climb in many states.

The main social accounts of EDC Las Vegas have been pretty quiet, as they’re probably trying to navigate the whole situation. But, Pasquale Rotella, founder of Insominac Events, posted a brief update on his personal Instagram.

Pasquale gives a brief EDCLV update with this Instagram story.

While Rotella notes that Insomniac is “exploring all possible options,” a final update will be available in the upcoming weeks. The festival, as of today, is still happening. However, Pasquale makes a point to emphasize that Insomniac will “only have the show if it’s safe.”

If EDC does end up happening, the dedicated theme for 2020 is kineticZEN. Previous themes are kineticLOVE and kineticENERGY. This year, kineticZEN was carefully chosen to emphasize the theme of mindfulness.

In regards to the theme decision, Pasquale says:

“I’ve always tried to encourage Headliners to live in the moment and be present. I need reminders myself each day. Life is full of opportunities for reflection, and in those moments we can visualize the world we want to create for ourselves and for each other. I’m grateful and excited to celebrate this next journey with you all.”

-Pasquale Rotella

There is currently a lot of ambiguity in regards to the state of upcoming festivals. But, hopefully an update (and some good news) will be announced soon!