Nora En Pure’s Car Broken Into in San Francisco

A perpetrator broke in to a car containing Nora En Pure’s backpack yesterday. In the backpack was her computer, passport, hard drive, USBs, headphones, jewelry, and keys. The car was parked off of Embarcadero & Folsom Streets. On the waterfront right across from the Google San Francisco offices, and Wharton Business School’s West coast campus. It is remarkable that such crimes occur so close in such a vibrant business district. Here there are parks with beautiful bay views, glittering restaurants, and luxury apartments.

And yet, you can’t leave a backpack visible in your back seat.

Nora En Pure made an instagram post detailing the situation And asked for help from the community to help recover her lost items. Including “an elegant and gracious fuck you” to her burglar.

Protect Yourself

It is West Coast-common knowledge, these days, to keep anything that could be of value out of sight when leaving your vehicle. The homeless population has surged in the Bay Area (as well as many cities across the United States). And there is stark contrast of some of the most successful companies in expensive cities; next to some of the poorest, most disenfranchised humans who literally don’t have a pot to piss in. 

To demonstrate just how bad it has gotten in SF; It is actually legal to poop in the streets of San Francisco because so many people were being jailed for the offense. That means there are government jobs allocated to pick up all the poop on the sidewalk. There is even a map that tracks every reported poop. Dog poop, however, is still illegal.

And to Nora En Pure! Our hearts go out to you. It is a terrible violation to be burgled; especially when you are on a high and enjoying the ride of your career. We hope that you are able to recover your precious things. And if not, that somewhere you have a king-copy of your hard drive in a closet safe at home.