No Parking On The Dance Floor Takes Place in Houston

This past weekend, No Parking On The Dance Floor took place at Houston, Texas. Organized as a drive-in style concept by Disco Donnie Presents, hundreds of ravers were able to gather together while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

No Parking On The Dance Floor is the first of many events that have taken place in a safe manner. On May 29th, attendees were able to experience performances by RIOT TEN, SUBDOCTA, and BAILO while remaining in their vehicles.

To ensure that the event would follow social distancing guidelines, there were many rules set in place. Fans were recommended to wear masks, bring their own food and water, and to remain inside their vehicles as long as possible. Local and national authorities were at the venue to assure that these rules were met.

To make things much more interesting, event organizers encouraged attendees to decorate their cars to continue embracing rave culture while maintaining social distancing guidelines. As a result, many participants went above and beyond with their creativity; one vehicle even had its own rail to headbang with.

No Parking On The Dance Floor is one of many events that will take place with the new drive-in concept. After Germany held some of the first events with this new idea, many U.S. event organizers were inspired to bring it to the United States. Carnage‘s first west coast ROAD RAVE show also took place this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. In conclusion, we can’t wait to see what more drive-in festivals will take place in the future.